Articles about teaching children to read, the importance of
reading to children, and helping children to love reading.
Child Development and Learning to Read

By: Rebecca Walker

When it comes to your child's development, you should not
underestimate how important your role is in how they learn to
read. While many parents feel that it is okay to wait until their
child goes to school before they start learning to read, this is
something which could disadvantage your child when compared
to other children in their class who have been getting taught
from a much younger age. Through playing a proactive role in
how your child learns to read and write throughout their school
life, and before, you will be able to ensure your child forms a
better relationship with you as a parent, a person who is able to
teach them, and will ultimately perform better in school.

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Teaching Reading Skills to Empower Your Child!

By: Emily Watson

Teaching reading skills is a wonderful gift that you can bestow
to your child. In today's fast paced technological age, reading as
a hobby and for pleasure has taken a backseat. Children are so
involved with television programs, extracurricular activities,
friends and computer games that they hardly have any time for
exercising their reading skills. Now, even if there is no harm is
watching television or being engrossed with computer games,
they don't come anywhere near reading in terms of the benefits
that it imparts to your child. Reading has the potential to open
up a whole new world for your child and by indulging in this
activity, your child will have an active imagination...

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Start Your Child Reading With Books

By: Elaine Mak

Bring out the genius in a child is a responsibility that all parents
should undertake.  It requires you to have a strong, positive
attitude towards the learning process.  Every child looks up to
his or her mommy or daddy as a role model.  If you are a parent
yourself, you must guide your child and encourage her to have a
deep, abiding thirst for knowledge. Your attitude will determine,
to a large extent, how much and how fast your child will learn to
read and enjoy reading.

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The Best Resource To Help Your Child Read is Patience

By: Inger Fountain

As a child I loved reading. I felt very comfortable with both and
had no idea that some kids just don't "get" reading and struggle
all the way. I know one of the things that helped me was that my
mum was a bibliophile. She always loved books (something she
passed onto me) and we always had a steady stream of new and
second hand books in my house.

When I had my own son I started to fill the house with books...

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Improve Child's Reading - Even Without Books

By Fran Santoro Hamilton

Parents want their children to be strong readers. They see
reading ability as the ticket to a good college and a successful
life. The first problem, however, may be getting children to read
at all.

The best way to encourage reading is to make it enjoyable. Like
the rest of us, children are likely to spend more time at activities
they enjoy. Then they excel in those areas that command their

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How Can I Help My Child to Read?

Why reading to your child is important?

Difficulty with reading does not just affect your child's ability in
school, but carries over as low self-esteem into every aspect of
life. Surveys of adolescents and young adults with criminal
records show that about half have reading difficulties.

When you read a book to a young child, at any age, you enhance
his visual, vocabulary and listening skills as well as develop an
important foundation for your child's language development...

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The importance of reading to children: Ready your child for

It's never too soon to start your child on the path to reading.
Simply talking to your infant and toddler helps her develop the
vocabulary she will need as she enters school and begins to
read. As you point to and name objects, she will begin to
understand the meaning of words, and will eventually begin to
incorporate those words into his vocabulary...

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Help Your Children to Love Reading

By Tracy Catarius

It is so important to create an environment that promotes the
love of reading. Not only is reading necessary for survival in
today's world, it is educational, it sparks imagination, it is a
stress reliever, provides entertainment and enjoyment, the list
goes on. Here are some ideas to help you help your child love

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Articles about teaching children to read, the importance of
reading to children, and helping children to love reading.
Articles about teaching children to read, the importance of
reading to children, and helping children to love reading.
Articles about teaching children to read, the importance of
reading to children, and helping children to love reading.
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