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         It was a busy day on Sesame Street.  Everyone was preparing for the big art show.
 Sara Lee Harris age 4, from Clearwater, Florida was coming to judge the show.  Sara
was bringing Susie, Angela, and Jessie to help her.  The best artist would get a bright
blue ribbon.
 "Hurry everyone!  Big Bird called.  "Sara will be here any minute."

 Finally, Sara arrived with Susie, Angela, and Jessie.  Big Bird was so happy to see
Sara that he gave her a warm hug and welcomed everyone to Sesame Street.
 After pointing out all the wonderful sights on Sesame Street, Big Bird explained that the
judging was about to begin!
 "First stop is Oscar's trash can," he said.
 Oscar had made a most unusual sculpture out of some things he'd found in the trash.  
Sara was very impressed.  But Oscar thought he had a little more work to do, so he
searched through his can for the finishing touch.  As trash came flying out of the can,
Sara spotted the perfect piece--a flattened flugel horn.
 "Wow, that's trashy!" said Oscar.  "That should do it!  Thanks, Sara."

 Next, they visited Cookie Monster.  He had made a giant picture of a cookie.  Sara could
practically taste the scrumptious-looking treat.
 "That is the best cookie I've ever seen," declared Sara.
"Mmmm, Sara right.  Cookie!"  Cookie Monster said as he took a large bite out of his
 Sara giggled.  "Now, it's perfect," she said.

 Ernie and Bert waved Sara, Susie, Angela, and Jessie over to see their baseball
mural.  They had painted a grass-green baseball diamond covered with bats and gloves.  
Bert paced back and forth nervously.  Ernie tossed a ball to Sara.
 "Nice catch, Sara," he said.

 Next, Sara walked over to Zoe, who was sadly holding up an empty frame.  "I didn't finish
my painting," Zoe sighed.
 "Look at your smock," Sara said with a big smile.  "It's as beautiful as any painting I've
ever seen!"
 Zoe quickly took off her smock and hung it inside the frame.  Then she blew Sara a big
kiss!  "Thanks, Sara!"

 Big Bird guided the judges over to the Count's display of numbers.  The Count had
carved several giant numbers out of wood and painted them in different patterns --
delightful dots, cheeky checks, and stupendous stripes.
 "One, two, three, four, five, six.  Six super numbers."  Sara counted out loud and the
Count applauded.  Sara smiled and followed Big Bird down Sesame Street.
 "Hey, Elmo," called Big Bird.  "Are you ready for our judges?"
 Elmo pulled aside a curtain to reveal a large picture made up of tiny, brightly colored
 "Wow," said Sara, "I've never seen so many triangles in one place before!"
 "Elmo made it especially for Telly," Elmo explained.  "Telly loves triangles."
 "Well, Sara," Big Bird said.  "It's time for you to pick the winner."

 Sara groaned and plopped down on a bench facing Big Bird.  "I'm in trouble, Big Bird.  All
the paintings are so great!  How will I ever pick a winner?"
 Big Bird shook his head sadly.  "I wish I could help.  Too bad there's only one blue
 Sara jumped up.  "That's it, Big Bird.  You're a genius!"
 "I am?" Big Bird smiled happily.

 Sara ran inside Mr. Hooper's store.  She came back out holding a handful of blue
 "Everybody's a winner on Sesame Street!" Sara shouted.
 "Hurray!" Big Bird said.  "Let's have a party to celebrate."
 "I'd love to stay," Sara said.  "But I have to get back to Clearwater, Florida along with
Susie, Angela, and Jessie."
 Well, don't forget to come back and judge our dance contest," said Ernie.
 "I won't," called Sara, as she waved good-bye to all her friends on Sesame Street.
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