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Cohen Reid Weathers, age 5, from Bronson, Missouri, ran up the steps of the Natural
History Museum.
The museum had been closed for renovations.  Now it was reopening.  Superman and
Wonder Woman were going to cut the ribbon.
Cohen stopped dead in his tracks.  Two huge stone lions were staring hungrily down at
him.  Just for a second, Cohen thought the lions were real!
"I wish Mom and Grandma were here with me now," Cohen said with a smile.

"Don't worry, Cohen," Wonder Woman said with a laugh.  "These lions won't hurt you.  
They're stone.  People in Africa carved them 2000 years ago."
"Wow!" Cohen exclaimed.  "They sure are fierce looking!"
"The museum is full of really interesting things," Superman told Cohen.  "C'mon, it's time
for the museum doors to open."

In the museum's main hall, Cohen saw all the exhibits: dinosaur skeletons and life-sized
models of the giant blue whale, the saber-toothed tiger, and the woolly mammoth.  Then
Cohen saw something very strange.
"Look!" Cohen cried.  "The whale is moving!  It's come alive!"
Sure enough, the blue whale, the biggest mammal ever to live on Earth, was thrashing its
giant tail.  Frightened people went running and screaming.

"Wonder Woman!" Cohen shouted.  "Please help the whale!  It's more frightened than
the people."
"You're right, Cohen," Wonder Woman agreed.  With all her strength, Wonder Woman
lifted the huge animal.
"Wonder Woman will carry the whale out to the harbor where it can swim safely out to
sea," Superman told Cohen.  "But I have to get to the bottom of this.  What's going on

Superman didn't know it yet, but Mister Mxyzptlk, the evil little imp from the Fifth
Dimension, was having some fun.
Mxy had come to the museum opening, too, and his magic had caused the whale to come
alive.  But that was not all the mischief he had planned for Superman and Wonder Woman.
Cohen saw the Tyrannosaurus Rex bones walking across the floor.
"Superman!" Cohen shouted.

All over the museum, people were running and screaming.
"Help!" they shouted.  "Help! Help!"
All the museum displays had come to life.  Stuffed snakes were crawling on the floor.  
Tigers and bears were prowling the exhibition hall.  The dinosaur skeletons were making
their way up one corridor and down the next.
Suddenly, out of the corner of his eye, Cohen saw a funny little man scurry across the
floor and out of the museum.

"Superman, look outside!" Cohen called out, pointing to the little man.
"Mxyzptlk!" Superman cried.  "This isn't funny, Mxy.  Change everything back the way it
was.  Now!"
"Sorry, Supes.  You know that's not how it works.  I'm not fixing anything until someone
makes me say my name backwards," said Mxy with a laugh.
And the little imp winked at Cohen.

Suddenly, Cohen heard two blook-curdling roars.  The huge stone lions had come alive!
People were screaming for help because the lions hadn't eaten in 2000 years.  They
were very hungry.
Superman and Wonder Woman rushed to stop the super strong beasts.
Mxy grinned at Cohen.  "I love making Superman and Wonder Woman crazy."
Cohen sat down and thought.  How could he make Mxyzptlk say his own name

Mxy looked at all the destruction he was causing and smiled.  "I sure know how to have a
good time, don't I?" he gloated to Cohen.  "What could be better than this?"
Just then, Cohen had an idea.
"Well, when I want to have a good time I hang out with Mom and Grandma and Kltpzyxm
back in Bronson, Missouri," said Cohen.

Mxy scratched his head.  "What kind of name ix Kltpzyxm?" he asked.
Mxy realized his mistake.  "You tricked me into saying my name backwards!" he cried.  
But it was too late.  With a poof, the little imp disappeared back into his own dimension.
Cohen looked around.  The dinosaurs, the lions, and even the whale--everything was
back to normal.
"You did it, Cohen!" said Superman.  "You made Mxy go away!"
"Thanks for your help, Cohen," Wonder Woman said.  "You're a real hero!"

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